Social work is a helping profession. The main goal of social work is to improve society’s overall well-being, for this environment plays a vital role. To improve the societies, first of all, there should be a sound environment. To put it simply there is a positive relationship between social work and environment.
Environmental Social Work and related terms have been used extensively to describe an approach to social work practice. But nowadays the quality of the environment is degrading day by day due to the carelessness of animals, I mean so-called social animals. Due to we peoples, the green Environment is no more green, the oxygen we are breathing nowadays are making us unhealthier. The number of people is increasing but the environment is degrading. As far as we know people are educated, they are conscious enough about the importance of environment but they are not giving the attention towards it.
People are destroyer as well as saviour, though we are destroying the environment, we also have to maintain it. Here a social worker plays a significant role for uplifting the environmental degradation, making people aware of its assets and loss. As social work is considered to be a helping profession, it co-operates to bring change in people’s mentality and behaviour towards the environment. ‘Together we stand divided we fall” keeping this voluminous thought in our mind we can overcome our problems conveniently.

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