Project Description

YAE has started the research project on Mapping and Assessing Pollution Stresses on Water Resources in Five Watersheds from the April 2018 in the financial support from the USAID Pani Program. The areas of study focused on the project include Jhimruk, Middle Karnali, Seti Nadi (Bogatan), Thuligaad and Rangun watersheds of mid and far western of Nepal. The project will make comprehensive inventory and mapping of point water resources including the assessment of stressors in these watersheds. The main objective of this research project is to generate scientific evidence regarding the available water resources, pollution sources, and stresses; creating the enabling environment to improve water availability for aquatic biodiversity and community resilience in the five watersheds. The knowledge and findings of this research will be shared with local government and local government, local water users’ group and national stakeholders. It will be helpful in the formulation of the water use master plan, water policy, and watershed management plan.