Project Description

YAE has been developing the ProDoc of GEF-6 project on “Integrated Landscape Management to Secure Nepal’s Protected Areas and Critical Corridors in TAL for WWF and Ministry of Forest and Environment (MoFE)” as a national consultant. This is the five-year long project implement through the WWF GEF Agency.  The Terai Arc Landscape (TAL) is of critical importance for globally significant biodiversity and ecosystems and for supporting the local livelihoods. Besides, the landscape provides habitat for Tiger, Rhino and Elephant, and supplies a variety of ecosystem goods and services including timber, soil fertility, water regulation, protection from flood, carbon storage and cultural service. The  GEF-6 project focused in the Western TAL with an objective to promote integrated landscape management to conserve globally significant forests and wildlife. The proposed project focuses on three focal area including biodiversity (BD), land degradation (LD), and sustainable forest management (SFM). Under these focal areas, it emphasized on four programs: (i) managing the human-biodiversity interface (BD), (ii) landscape management and restoration (LD), scaling-up sustainable land management through the landscape approach (LD), and capacity development for SFM within local communities (SFM). This proposed project expected to start for implementation from January 2019.