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Inception Report Sharing Sharing on Enhancing LAPA Formulation Process Through VRA and Adaptation Planners

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Inception Report Sharing

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March 10, 2023


Climate Change Management Division, Singha

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Climate change has been recognized as a widespread phenomenon in the countries of South Asia. Nepal being highly sensitive to climate change has already seen temperature and precipitation changes more quickly than the other country. Nepal is extremely vulnerable to climate change, with temperatures and precipitation changing faster than the global average. A variety of climate risks and water-related hazards are present in Nepal because of its geographic location, which is exacerbated by the rapid melting of snow and ice in the highlands and the monsoon season's torrential rain in the foothills.
The Government of Nepal has been taking various initiatives to address the problems caused by climate change. The government with enactment of the Climate Change Policy 2011 and preparation of NAPA 2010, has been implementing adaptation plans in line with National framework on Local Adaptation Plan for Action 2011. Local adaptation plan of action (LAPA) is community driven process that tries to identify and prioritize adaptation strategies to deal with the effect of climate change. The LAPA is aimed at creating a framework for climate resilient development by integrating climate adaptation programs into local and national development planning procedures(GoN, 2011). An important steps in developing LAPA is the vulnerability and risk assessment (VRA) which provides the necessary data needed to define the people and assets that are most exposed to the risk and effects of climate change.
The half day Inception report sharing meeting was held at CCMD office on March 10, 2023 with following meeting agenda
1. Inception Report Sharing
2. Discussion on way forward
3. Addressing the recommendation and incorporating them into the documents

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