Nepal is a beautiful mountainous country having diverse ecological and geographic location from plain tropical Terai to Himalaya with fragile ecosystem. In the course of time, Nepal has been facing various global, regional, national and local environmental problems. Population growth, fragile ecosystem, unsustainable developmental activities, exploitation of natural resources and climatic change are major environmental challenges for today’s generation of Nepal. Low level of public sensitization, weak institutional capacity, lack of appropriate monitoring mechanism of environmental problem and policy loopholes are exacerbating the environmental challenge in Nepal. Considering such situations, Youth Alliance for Environment (YAE) was formed to tackle challenges through research, evidence based policy advocacy, capacity building and community mobilization for the environmental conservation and promoting sustainable development.

YAE was established in 2009 with the objective to conserve environment by mitigating existing environmental challenges from the efforts of environmental professionals as an informal network of the environmental graduates. Informally it had started to work from 2009 from the Central Department of Environmental Science (CDES), Tribhuvan University and formally it was registered as YAE in Feb 2012 under the rule and regulation of Nepal government as a non-political and not for profit, youth lead Non Governmental Organization. Before the registration all the secretarial works of YAE were conducted from the CDES, TU. Over the past six years YAE has been continuously working for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Disaster Risk Management, Forest and Biodiversity Conservation, Capacity Building and Policy Advocacy and Research.

YAE is also a forum where environmentalists can bring their collective thoughts and efforts for enhancing the status of their profession and the conservation of living planet by harmonizing the relation between conservation and development.

To harmonize the relation between environmental conservation and developmental activities through promotion of sustainable development.

To save the living planet for the all living creature through the promotion of Sustainable Development.



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