Our Project

Technical support to the Paani grantees in Integrated Fish Farming (IFF) and Local Water Management (LWM) and Income Generating Activities



Duration of Assignment (Years)

November, 2020 - August, 2021

Name for Donor/Funding Partner

USAID Paani Program


Lower Karnali, West Seti, Bogatan Lagam Karnali, Thuligaad, Middle Karnali, Tila Karnali, Lower Mahakali, Rangun, Middle Rapti, Jhimruk

Consortium Partners

Rupantaran Nepal

Narative Description of Project

To provide the necessary technical services and guidance to nine Paani grantees while implementing interventions related to IFF, LWM, and IGA.
✤ Develop technical field manual (guide) on vegetable farming, IFF, and fish preservation and processing including the preparation of fish recipe with nutritional
facts in English and Nepali.
✤ Organize hands-on training to grantees, IFF community members, and IWRM users.
✤ Support and provide technical guidance for the construction of livestock sheds in
the pond dikes of IFF sites
✤ Provide technical guidance and supervise the work of grantees and local communities while establishing facilities required for the interventions.
✤ Plan periodic and necessary field visits to supervise and monitor the progress on the
implementation of the interventions.
✤ Provide technical information, supervision, guidance, and advice to the grantees, local government, and local communities for effective implementation of the
project activities.

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