Our Project

Project Document Design on Integrated Landscape Management to Secure Nepal’s Protected Areas and Critical Corridors for GEF-6.



Duration of Assignment (Years)

December 2017 -August 2018

Name for Donor/Funding Partner

WWF Nepal/ GEF


Nepal’s Protected Area and Critical Corridors

Consortium Partners


Narative Description of Project

To develop the project document of GEF-6, Biodiversity Conservation Program under the Integrated Landscape Management to Secure Nepal’s Protected Areas and Critical Corridors.
✤ Conduct document review on PIF and associated documents, e.g.: TAL Strategy, consultation notes from PIF stage, WWF GEF policy and guidance documents.
✤ Join the kickoff workshop and training on WWF GEF methods.
✤ Develop stakeholder engagement plan (SEP) under WWF GEF guidance/templates.
✤ Conduct the desktop analysis to define the policy and strategy baseline of the project.
✤ Draft the report on the threats, barriers, and baseline drawn from the consultation with the key stakeholders at project sites, regions, and national level including the desktop review.
✤ Conduct workshops, draft activities tables and develop site selection criteria under the lead consultant and WWF GEF Agency.
✤ Collect tracking tool information, complete all tracking tools, define and agree indicator targets with MoFSC and other partners.
✤ Assist lead consultant, provide input on workplan development, review technical assessments, develop stakeholder analysis and engagement plans, identify risks and mitigation
measures, etc.
✤ Draft relevant project document annexes, assist gender analysis consultant and safeguards consultants.
✤ Keep full documentation of all the consultants including participants like (gender disaggregated) and their summaries.

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