Our Project

Monitoring and Evaluation of Mentees Projects, The Generation Green (TGG) Mentorship Program- Batch-III



Duration of Assignment (Years)

Aug 2017- Oct 2017 (4 months)

Name for Donor/Funding Partner

WWF Nepal


Shivapuri, Kathmandu, Jorpati

Consortium Partners


Narative Description of Project

TGG is a five year campaign started by WWF Nepal along with its conservation partners with the goal to strengthen youth’s engagement in conservation program and encourage innovative ideas that supports sustainable and healthy environment. It is an opportunity for enthusiastic youths to work under the guidance of Mentors, build a stronger bond among team members, work together as professionals and enhance their capacity to construct innovative ideas to address the current issues and problems.
✤ Reduce and check air pollution via use of air purifier
✤ Discourage the use of plastic and finally bring it to a neutral state by means of awareness campaign
✤ Support active participation of children for waste management and tree plantation
✤ Document the threefold reality between Ecology, Culture, Language (education) after devastating earthquake in affected community
✤ Awareness on Human Wildlife Conflict to the school students in affected area of National Park
✤ Garbage to goods- train the school children in such a way that creation of items from waste on a local basis enables them to create the value from a scrap item

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