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Mapping and Assessing Pollution Stresses on Water Resources in Five Watersheds (Jhimruk, Seti Nadi, Middle Karnali, Thuligaad, and Rangun watersheds) of Mid and Far-Western Nepal



Duration of Assignment (Years)

April 2018 - March 2019

Name for Donor/Funding Partner

USAID Paani Project


Jhimruk, Seti Nadi, Middle Karnali, Thuligaad, and Rangun watersheds

Consortium Partners


Narative Description of Project

To make comprehensive inventory, mapping, and assessment of water resources including the evaluation of point sources of water pollution on these water resources in Five Watersheds (Jhimruk, Seti nadi, Middle Karnali, Thuligaad, and Rangun watersheds) of the mid-hills and Churia.
✤ To develop inventory, map water resources, and estimate changes in water volume from sample sources (stream & spring) prescribed by local stakeholders
✤ To assess and document different sources that pollute water bodies that are important to human and aquatic biodiversity
✤ To assess water quality to track the sources of pollution to complement community perception
✤ To identify stressors and mitigation and/or adaptation measures for improved water availability at source
✤ To inform local government and local water users that help formulate informed water use master plan and water policy.

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