Our Project

Emergency WASH support to Vulnerable Earthquake Affected Communities in Nepal, Endline survey of Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) II Project



Duration of Assignment (Years)

Apr 2017- May 2017

Name for Donor/Funding Partner

CARE Nepal


Dhading and Gorkha

Consortium Partners


Narative Description of Project

This project aims to assess the achievements of the DEC project against the target and baseline values at the end of the implementation period and also assess the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the project.
✤ Assess the achievements of the project its efficiency and effectiveness with respect to outcome and outputs at some level against its expected results.
✤ Evaluate the progress of the project against log frame, baseline and the target set in project plan and also to carry out the post KAP survey against the pre KAP survey carried out in
✤ Identify and assess key internal and external factors (success & failure factors) that have contributed, affected, or impeded the achievements, and how CARE and the partner agencies
have managed these factors.
✤ Assess how the project has mitigated protection issues and vulnerability.
✤ Draw key lessons, learning, good practices and challenges from the project and make recommendations that will help inform CARE’s formulation and design of future projects that will
benefit the project beneficiaries.
✤ Evaluate program model and operational approach in terms of the following criteria: relevance, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability. The evaluation will also consider appropriate
indicators in the CARE’s core humanitarian standards.

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