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Reliability and Effectiveness of Flood Early Warning System in Nepal: Lessons Learnt and Way Forward



Duration of Assignment (Years)

February 2018 - May 2018

Name for Donor/Funding Partner

Practical Action Nepal


Narayani, Babai, Ratu, Mohana, Khando & Ban Ganga

Consortium Partners


Narative Description of Project

To document the technological evolution of flood EWS in Nepal focusing its reliability and effectiveness to save life and properties as well as to have a better preparedness for relevant stakeholders and flood prone communities. The output of this study will be utilized to produce policy recommendations for decision makers and guidance for the practitioners to help meet one of the targets of Sendai Framework for DRR.

✤ To analyze and document the evolution of EWS from technological as well as social/institutional perspective in different river systems of Nepal together with the contribution made by
different agencies.
✤ To document and compare the flood damage profile of major river systems (Narayani, Babai, Ratu, Mohana, Khando and Ban Ganga) before and after establishment of EWS.
✤ To assess the factors playing roles in sustainability of EWS and its accessibility at the community and sub-national levels.
✤ To recommend appropriate policy needs for substantially enhancing flood EWS and increase its availability to the people to meet the targets of Sendai Framework for DRR at national
level by 2030.

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